Friday, May 25, 2007

Wine on Terror

As if Sarko didn't have enough nutcases to deal with:

A shadowy group of wine activists has issued a one-month ultimatum to Nicolas Sarkozy threatening "action" if the new president fails to help the industry.

....Looking more like Corsican nationalists or masked Islamic fundamentalists than winemakers, the "wine terrorists" vowed that if nothing changed and the price they received for their wine had not gone up, they would go "into action".

In a reference to the French resistance in the Second World War, the CRAV said it would "come out of the maquis [scrub] and go into action".

....While nobody will own up to being a member, it is an open secret that the CRAV is the armed wing of winemakers' unions of the Languedoc and Roussillon, the highest producing wine region in the world. In France, and the Languedoc-Roussillon in particular, production far outweighs demand.

They ought to spend their time lobbying to have French regulations that result in winemakers who improve their wines being labeled criminals, repealed.

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