Monday, June 18, 2007

Bunkers for Junkers

In Germany they haven't stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb. Now, the bomb shelter...

Germans are queuing up to pay £60,000 for the latest addition to the garden: a prefabricated nuclear bunker.

With fears of terrorism, natural disasters and a cold war revival on the rise, a German company has tapped into the climate of insecurity and produced the continent's first ready-made fallout shelter.

ABC Guard - its name a reference to the protection it is said to offer from atomic, biological and chemical warfare - invites potential customers to "rely on absolute security made in Germany" as it restores an industry thriving on fears that have not been felt in the country since the withdrawal of Russian troops from former East Germany.

Oliver Langwich, an ABC Guard sales engineer, said: "The war on terror is increasingly making the world an unsafe place and there is talk of a new cold war or even nuclear confrontation. And climate change is fuelling fears of natural disasters. Modern and safe protection 'made in Germany' is our answer to all that. We have found a market niche."

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