Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Those Darned Etruscans

Originally from Turkey, thought Herodotus, and he was right says the DNA:

The ancient riddle of where the Etruscans came from has been solved, Italian scientists say.

....Comparing DNA from people living in what was once the Etruscan heartland in present-day Tuscany with that of today's inhabitants of Greek islands, the Middle East and other parts, a team led by Professor Alberto Piazza say they have found "a unique genetic component" shared only by central Tuscans and Turks.

....The discovery has been backed by another recent genetic study by the University of Piacenza which found that Tuscany's cattle, famous for their uniquely tasty and hefty meat, were "60% similar" to Turkish breeds. The Etruscans are believed to have formed the first advanced civilisation in Italy, based in an area called Etruria, corresponding mainly to present-day Tuscany and northern Lazio.

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