Friday, June 01, 2007

Where was the Ministry for Babysitting?

Parents, do you know where your children are?

A baby has died after being left in a parked car by his mother in the second such case in a week in Europe.

Teacher Ilse Donckers, 34, forgot to drop off her 11-month-old son Chris at a nursery before she went to work at a school in Baarle-Nassau, Holland - leaving the boy in his baby-seat in the car which she parked at the school on a hot day.

Five hours later fellow teachers noticed the boy's lifeless body inside the car left on the school car-park and tried in vain to revive him.

....The tragedy is a carbon-copy of the death of a five-month old Belgian baby Guy Ranson whose mum left him in the back of her car after she drove to work at a laundry in Halle, near Brussels last week.

He died of dehydration in a stuffy, locked car where the temperatures rose to 35-40 degrees. In the Dutch case police have not revealed the cause of death.

"The hectic pace of modern life is the root cause of both tragedies," said Belgian psychologist Theo Compernolle.

"It's too much to suppose that a woman can cope with so-called multi-tasking, keeping several balls in the air at the same time.

"The truth is that the brain is not able to cope with both a family's needs and a responsible job at the same time. The brain can only really focus on one thing at a time."

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