Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Follow the Money... it passes through Chris Matthews Hardball into the coffers of the Edwards for President campaign:

Elizabeth Edwards launched a new fundraising effort Wednesday, one day after pleading with conservative commentator Ann Coulter to "stop the personal attacks" on Edwards' husband, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

"John's campaign is about the issues — but pundits like Ann Coulter are trying to shout him down. If they will not stop, it is up to us cut through the noise. Help us fight back — please give what you can today," Elizabeth Edwards wrote in an e-mail letter that also appears on the campaign's Web site.

Not that this was lost on Ann; that Elizabeth's husband, in addition to being afraid to appear before Brit Hume, was also too cowardly to pull this fund raising stunt himself with the 98 lb blonde terror.

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