Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is Paris Burning?

To hear that the man--and his wife--who put her behind bars , has similar infractions in his family that didn't result in any jail time:

First came the news, just as [Prosecutor Rocky] Delgadillo was taking Sheriff Lee Baca to task for freeing Hilton from her sentence for driving on a suspended licence after just three days, that his wife, Michelle, had also been found driving on a suspended licence.

Her sentence? Certainly no jail time.

Nor did she get into any trouble when she borrowed Delgadillo’s city-owned SUV to pop to the doctor‘s in 2004 and crashed it by backing into a pole. She was not insured to drive the vehicle and her licence was suspended at the time.

But the 2,000 odd dollar repair bill was quietly paid for using taxpayers’ money.

For three years Mrs Delgadillo drove without a licence. In 2005 she was again stopped by police for turning disobeying a street sign.

Then the Los Angeles Times discovered there was an outstanding arrest warrant for Mrs Delgadillo for failing to appear in court in connection to a 1998 traffic citation.

She went to court the day of the paper’s report and pleaded no contest to driving without a valid licence. She was ordered to serve a year of probation and to pay 431 dollars in fines and penalties.

Mrs Delgadillo blamed her (lack of) organisational skills.

''I was disorganised,'' she told a local television station. ''I was - there's no excuse for it. I'm not going to make excuses for myself. I have to be an organised person, there's no doubt about it. I made a mistake.''
Didn’t Paris Hilton say something similar about not having time to read her mail?

It also came out that in the last three years the Delgadillos were “chronically late in paying fines for at least five parking tickets”, the LA times reported. Mrs Delgadillo was responsible for all the tickets.

While she drove without insurance for two years, her husband wasn‘t quite as bad - he only drove uninsured for about a year. ....

Delgadillo, who at first refused to answer questions about his family’s poor traffic record, finally apologised on Monday and reimbursed the city for the cost of the repairs to his official car.

But there was more: then came news he’s been using city staff to babysit his children and run personal errands, a big no-no according to the municipal code for city officials.

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