Friday, July 01, 2005

Fun With John and Ann

Now that the rank and the vile in the comments section of Political Animal are in full paranoia mode over the impending nomination of Sandra Day O'Connor's replacement (example drawn randomly):

one thing for sure, IMHO, Bush will pick someone that will cause a fight. As I said on other thread: There is no way Bush is going to appoint anyone but the most right wing, anti-choice, Christian conservative wet dream choice to fill O’Connor’s seat.

This will be just the MSM ‘diversion’ from Iraq the Bush administration needs.

George W. Bush has a chance to show he has a sense of humor, and that paranoids really can have enemies. Nominate John Ashcroft.

And, if the Democrats filibuster, on the first Monday in October give a recess appointment to Ann Coulter.

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