Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rove was Right

They do want to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.

A sampling of comments from Semi-Daily Journal:

When I studied in London I lived on Tavistock Square, where one of the bus bombings was. It's one of London's many small, lovely parks. this particular one is dedicated to Mahatama Gandhi, and has a bust of him. It's tragic to think of a place dedicated to peace, non-violence and democracy the site of something so awful. I've having a hard time with it.


Shouldn't we be pledging to bring those responsible to justice, rather than to carry out revenge killings?


An anti-terrorism strategy based on reducing attention and alarm produced by attacks, rather than primarily on saving lives, might do much to make terrorism more pointless.


Western gov'ts should principally be concerned with bringning the terrorists involved in this attack to "Justice". As in: captured wherever they may be, extradicted to Britain, tried in a British court of Law, and punished according to the Letter of the Law--if found guilty. One of the big problems I have had with the American response to 9/11 has been the vigilante attitude that has been bandied about concerning the Al-Qaeda perpetrators and their supporters: "Dead-or-Alive, Bring'Em On", etc. These people are criminals, not super-villains in some comic book or Hollywood movie. They should be treated as criminals, albeit suicidal ones, no more and no less. Western societies have Laws and Courts, we left behind the need for "Wild West" style justice in the 1880's.


Every single day, the U.S. and Britain kill dozens of completely innocent Iraqi men, women, and children, who happened to be committing the offense of living in their homeland and getting in the way of American and British bullets, bombs or missiles. We have killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians; probably coming up on 200,000 now. It is hardly a surprise that some of those parents who have seen their children blown away, some of those children who've seen their parents blown away, would like to get revenge on the people who have done this to them.

We, the white, English-speaking, "first world" nations are the evil here. We fully support the evil; both the U.S. and Britain have had a chance to oust the leaders who started these attacks on a sovereign, non-combatant nation; and both the U.S. and Britain have chosen instead to stand behind the warmongers.

You started this war. You support the killing of Iraqi children every day with your tax dollars. You don't like the consequences? Should have thought of that earlier, shouldn't you. If you can't do the time - or in this case can't take Islamic retaliation in the only way available to them - don't do the crime.

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