Friday, September 09, 2005

Rapid Response to Katrina; Fifth Army

Michael Brown's FEMA also had the army working on disaster relief before the storm struck:

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas – Fifth U.S. Army joined thousands of Defense Department personnel in relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Even as the hurricane struck Aug. 29, Fifth Army established a lifeline in Louisiana, one of the 21 states within the unit’s area of responsibility for training and mobilization.

Lt. Gen. Robert T. Clark, the Fifth Army commanding general, in response to a request from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, sent a defense coordinating officer into the area. Col. Anthony Daskevich, the commander of Headquarters, 4th Brigade, 75th Division (Training Support) at Fort Sill, Okla., established a forward element while the winds were still raging through the southeast.

The DCO is the military liaison with FEMA to coordinate military support in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. The military works with FEMA to reduce the loss of life, mitigate damage, and provide life support.

....The U.S. Northern Command in Colorado established Joint Task Force - Katrina to support FEMA.

....Fifth U.S. Army troops are among the nearly 65,000 military members providing hurricane relief support by land, air and sea. Active duty, National Guardsmen and Reservists from all branches of the military have flown rescue and resupply missions, rendered medical aide, secured areas, and provided bases to house evacuees. Nearly 19,200 active duty members and 45,420 Army and Air National Guard members are supporting the efforts.

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