Thursday, September 15, 2005

Would you like $70 or $80 worth of Fries With That?

Conspicuous Hot Dog Consumption in Sweden:

Stockholm, Sweden - A small blue kiosk in central Stockholm is giving customers an offer that most can easily refuse: buy a hot dog for 999 kronor [$130].

Billed as the world's most expensive hot dogs, the pricey wieners are meant to highlight the plight of those living in poverty in third-world countries, said Swedish Development Aid Minister Carin Jamtin, who opened the kiosk on Thursday together with the Swedish branch of the United Nations Development Programme.

....A lot of people on earth cannot afford a hot dog," said Jamtin, dressed in an all-white vendor's robe and a matching white hat with a blue ribbon. "That is what this hot dog sale wants to bring attention to. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing bigger."

Jamtin remained in the kiosk for one hour, selling two hot dogs, her spokesperson John Zanchi said. Later in the day, two more franks were sold "to a lady with an expensive purse", he said.

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