Thursday, October 13, 2005

El lleno Monti, pero fiable

This story:

BARCELONA — Catalonia's regional police has suspended for two years without pay an officer who moonlighted as a stripper, doing gigs at bachelor parties in which he would take off his policeman's uniform.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Periodico de Cataluña, following 20 months of investigation, the force's internal affairs department concluded the officer committed two grave offenses: stripping down from his regulation uniform while off duty, and charging for it.

The department launched its investigation when in February of last year it received photographs from an anonymous source in which the policeman appeared first in his uniform and then naked inside a bus full of


Would seem to conflict with this one:

MADRID — Spaniards are neither extroverts nor irresponsible, a new study finds.

In fact, they are a lot more like the Japanese and quite the reverse of the way Spaniards would like to see themselves, the journal Science reported.

A study of 4,000 people from 49 countries found national stereotypes do not correspond with reality.

So Spaniards may like to compare themselves to the most extroverted people in the world, along with Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand and Serbia.

But they are no more show-offs than the Japanese.

And in terms of reliability, they rank alongside the Germans and the German-speaking Swiss.

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