Thursday, October 06, 2005

Vox, Baby. You Bet.

Dartmouth economist Andrew Samwick--who knows Harriet Miers from his days on the Council of Economic Advisers--shows that when you study logic, you can apply it to more than economics:

The surprising aspect of this [negative] commentary, which is echoed in many places on the political right, is that there is doubt about Miers' likely voting patterns. Are you kidding? She has been on this President's staff for a number of years. How could anyone but a "Bush Conservative" tolerate that proximity for so long without having views that were wholly compatible? The conservatives have something to worry about in charges of cronyism, but I would be shocked to see a Justice Miers anywhere but in the Scalia-Thomas wing of the Court.

Perhaps George Will should enroll in one of his classes. If George W. Bush is being truthful about wanting more justices like Scalia and Thomas, wouldn't it make sense that the one candidate he truly knows well, would only be nominated if he were confident that that's what she will turn out to be.

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