Monday, October 31, 2005

Scooters Under Paul's Bed?

It's a nightmare...a nightmare, sez Paul Krugman in his column today:

Let me be frank: it has been a long political nightmare. For some of us, daily life has remained safe and comfortable, so the nightmare has merely been intellectual: we realized early on that this administration was cynical, dishonest and incompetent, but spent a long time unable to get others to see the obvious. For others -- above all, of course, those Americans risking their lives in a war whose real rationale has never been explained -- the nightmare has been all too concrete.

So is the nightmare finally coming to an end? Yes, I think so.

The FLUBA Committee on the Deeper Meaning of Kissing Jessica Stein can only ask, 'What are you...twelve?'

Unless Paul is referring to our not having to listen any longer to Joe Wilson expound on what a martyr his wife is, for having allowed her husband to go public about an assignment she got for him with the CIA.

Patrick Fitzgerald at least settled the matter that had been obvious to the sentient for over two years; if your wife wants to keep her employment secret, don't talk about her work with newspaper reporters. And certainly don't write NY Times Op-ed columns about it.

Especially if what you have to say is false. Because the truth will out.

As it did.

So, turn out the lights, Paul. Not because the nightmare is over, but because the party is.

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