Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back Home in Indiana...

[Update: Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys (from the comments section at Angry Bear before the Honda announcement):

Well, it will be interesting to see what Daniels does with his Powerball check.
Improve the economy long-term? Not likely.


... this is a short-term fix based on a long -term lease.
This is like the junkie kid selling the family heirlooms for a fix.


These new toll road transactions are and will prove to be another hollowing out of our capital base.


The goal of our Republican politicians is to reduce the level of services provided by the state to the lowest in the nation. They want a plantation economy to out Mississippi, Mississippi.


By the time this turns sour Mitch will be only a memory.

[Now back to the original post, aka speaking truth to nincompoops] Governor Mitch Daniels, to welcome a new Honda factory. Likely made possible by the new roads the toll road lease financed:

11:34 AM...Gov. Mitch Daniels rushed home from a trade mission in Asia to welcome Honda to Indiana this morning.

“Honda is going to feel right at home in Indiana, and you are going to love Greensburg and this part of our state,” Daniels said.The $550 million auto assembly plant will be seen at the place where Indiana’s economic comeback began, Daniels told a press conference in Greensburg.

11:41 AM...The Honda auto plant will take 24 months to build and begin production in 2008 of a 4-cylindar car. The model wasn't revealed. The plant will pump $1.5 billion in the midwestern economy, as Honda buys auto parts and other supplies needed for the new plant.

Government will kick in at least $134 million in incentives to the project. That includes money for wastewater treatment and new or expanded roads.

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