Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go East, Jung Mannschaften

German youth find employment and are cut some slack in India:

...some German graduates, frustrated by the tight job market back home, are taking up positions in India.

Germany's Federal Labour Office has already placed three German economists with Evalueserve, a business consultancy in Gurgaon, near New Delhi and the company now plans to expand the pilot project.

Ten-hour workdays are normal for the German "guest workers," who sometimes even put in 14 for salaries that no university graduate would lift a finger for in Germany. But the Germans say they are content in India, where a booming economy has generated a general mood of excitement.

Marcel Lee, Andrea Demsic and Marita Birschke are the names of the young Germans at Evalueserve, which carries out market research for corporate clients worldwide.

....all three were unable to find suitable jobs in Germany - or any jobs at all.

...."The German job market is exasperating," Birschke said. "People without prior experience have little chance."

"If you set your sights lower, you can find a job in Germany," Demsic conceded. "But I didn't study economics for that."

Another benefit of coming to India, she said, was getting away from the "lousy mood" back home. "In contrast to Germany, things are really happening here," she said. "There's no time to complain."

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