Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A woman's work is never done... the Netherlands, thanks to the trade unionists:

AMSTERDAM — The chairwoman of the largest trade union group in the Netherlands has made a "moral appeal" for women in part-time jobs to work more hours.

Agnes Jongerius of the FNV confederation said the approaching greying of society justified making such a call.

To many women in the Netherlands, Jongerius told Christian daily newspaper 'Trouw', are in part-time employment. As a result a significant portion of the potential work capacity in the country is being lost, while all hands will be needed in the coming years.

Jongerius said policy-makers, employers group and trade unions must call on women to work more hours.

.... The union leader said she did not support the idea of penalising highly-educated women financially for not working enough. Labour Party MP Sharon Dijksma controversially suggested that female college graduates who choose not to work should be compelled to repay study grants to the government.

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