Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beer Is Your Life

Says the British Ambassador to football fans:

NUREMBERG - German police bracing for England's next World Cup match said Wednesday they were encouraged by English fans' behaviour so far, while the British ambassador reminded them that modern Germany "has nothing in common" with its Nazi past.

....Britain's ambassador to Germany, Sir Peter Torry, urged England fans to behave in another way, too - by restraining the urge to view Germany through the prism of Nazism.

"Many people will associate Nuremberg with its Nazi past," Torry wrote in an article for England team fanzine Free Lions. "But no country has dealt as honestly and comprehensively with its past as modern Germany."

....He urged England fans to take in a more care-free Germany.

"Fans will be able to enjoy the German South: bigger beer glasses...Torry wrote.

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