Monday, June 12, 2006

What's in a name can get you in Dutch

AMSTERDAM – The Love of Fellow Man, Freedom and Diversity party, which grew out of the paedophile movement, was told on Friday by a judge in The Hague to change its acronym, NVD.

A security company, NVD in Haarlem, had brought a case against the party in a bid to stop it from using the abbreviation. The company said that it had incurred damages because of the paedophile party’s use of the acronym. Clients had indicated that they did not want the company’s logo on their property, and some employees had also said that they did not want to wear the company uniform with the letters NVD, for fear of being confused with the ‘paedo-party’.

The judge ordered the party to remove
the abbreviation from its registration with the chamber of commerce and in its statutes and to change its Internet domain name. He gave the party three days to comply.

The Love of Fellow Man, Freedom and Diversity party is controversial because it stands for the legalization of sex between adults and children older than 12 years (the present legal age of consent is 16).

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