Friday, September 08, 2006

About that great European health care...

We beg to differ, if this is an example:

A Russian policeman has attempted suicide after performing a transgender surgery on himself. He was found with a rope around his neck in a pool of blood — his genitals had been cut off and the wound scrupulously stitched up. Painkillers and a bloody needle, as well as the remains of his genitals, were lying on the floor next to him.

Alexei’s wife Irina, who found the man half dead in his country cottage in the suburbs of Moscow, called the ambulance immediately. The doctors managed to save his life, but said he would never be able to have sex again, Zhisn daily reports.

When Alexei, 31, came to his senses in hospital, he said he had been attacked by a strange man who broke into the house, but the investigation has a different version.

“We found women’s cosmetics and lingerie, brand new, in the house,” local policemen who investigate the case said.

“Alexei’s wife said it was not hers. It looks like he had bought the stuff to put on after the surgery.”

“The wound was very neat, it did not look like made by someone in a rage or in a hurry. Besides, next to it doctors found an old scar, bearing resemblance to the new wound and also stitched up — as if it was not the first attempt.”

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