Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nick à l'esprit vif

SuperFrenchie translates an interview in Le Monde with the probable next President of France, and he likes us. He really likes us:

Le Monde: How do you react to the criticisms of your adversaries, portraying you as a pro-American candidate?

Sarkozy: If, after twenty-five years of political life, the only serious criticism one could make against me is being too close to a country with which we have never been in war, to a country with which we have fought in the past to eradicate Nazism, with which we fight today to vanquish terrorism, I think I can deal with it. Here is a country which has had full employment for nearly fifteen years, a country where economic growth is each year higher than ours by a point to a point and half, a country where democracy harmoniously combines power rotation with political stability; and, finally, a country that is an example to the world regarding integration: half of the [American] Nobel prizewinners are of foreign origin.

I am not a blind fan of the U.S.; but any impartial observer must consider that this is not an embarrassing record, and that we have no reason to be angry at the American people.

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