Friday, September 08, 2006

Looks healthy enough to us

But the Spaniards want to put some meat on her bones:

MADRID — Skinny models are to be banned from Madrid Fashion Week for the first time, the city council said on Friday.

Almost a third of the models who were to take part in the Pasarela Cibeles later this month have been rejected after they did not meet strict body mass index (bmi) rules.

....Spain's best-known model Esther Canadas does not qualify under the new rules which were brought in by Madrid city council.

The rules stipulate models who are 1.75 metres tall must weigh a minimum of 56 kilogrammes.

....Concha Guerra, of Madrid city council which sponsors Madrid Fashion Week to the tune of EUR 400,000 each year, said a nutritional expert would check all the models who took part.

Models whose bmi is below 16 would receive health treatment.

Que lastima.

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