Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What's your sign?

Bavaria takes the romance out of romance:

THE message is simple, so simple that it can be deciphered in the midst of an alcoholic haze at the world's most inebriated beer party.

"Du g'foist ma" - Bavarian for "I fancy you" - is one of a dozen flirt cards that can be wielded as part of a desperate attempt to raise the tone of the Oktoberfest.

There isn't much scope for meaningful conversation at the trestle tables of the annual beer orgy that has just started for this year in Munich. So the cards - written in Bavarian dialect, English and Italian - have become an indispensable visual aid for the six million visitors.

....The flirt cards are supposed to encourage some kind of verbal exchange rather than the traditional drunken male lunge. Some of the cards are almost genteel.

"Hogst no was vor" - "Do you have any plans?" - was being tried out on Monday, albeit mainly in the tent used by gay drinkers.

"Carry me home" is another favourite among the mostly lederhosen-wearing crowd.

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