Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That which we call a rose...

...we can grow next door--even if next door is Ethiopia--if things don't improve around here:

Investors in flower farms around Naivasha [Kenya] are threatening to relocate their business from the country due to poor infrastructure and insecurity.

Some of the flower farms in the area have already started investing in Ethiopia, claiming that new farmers are enjoying favourable economic terms there.

.... Sher Agencies, a leading world producer of rose flower, has already acquired a large tract of land in Ethiopia. The firm produces 600 million stems annually.

According to Human Resource Manager Mr Martin Kamwaro, Ethiopia is offering them a 10-year tax holiday.

"The country has better road network and has a well equipped security system," he said.

.... Naivasha has more than 37 flower farms with an estimated workforce of over 40,000 people.
Speaking during a tour by a parliamentary committee on health, housing, labour and social welfare, the investors voiced concern over poor infrastructure and rising insecurity, saying that they might consider relocating if the problems are not addressed.

Sher Agencies Chief Executive, Mr Gerrit Barnhoon, said they were incurring heavy expenses due to the poor state of the Naivasha- Mai Mahiu road.

"We are incurring heavy losses due to frequent breakdown of our vehicles and delay of our produce in reaching at the market," he said.

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