Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to School

Readin', writin', and writhe-not wear for Brit kids:

Stab-proof school uniforms have gone on sale for the first time in Britain, sparking a rush of inquiries from worried parents looking to protect their youngsters from knife attacks.

According to the Sun newspaper, parents are paying up to £65 a time to get their hands on the uniforms - lined with Kelvar - the material used in armoured vests worn by British troops in Iraq.

Stab-proof uniforms are being sold by Essex-based firm BladeRunner, which has already plugged a gap in the teenage market by selling Kevlar hoodies.

....BladeRunner Bosses Adrian Davis and Barry Samms already make Kevlar-lined uniforms for police and security guards but began taking requests from parents who wanted to line their children's school uniforms with the protective material.

Mr Davis said: "We've had so many calls from parents requesting the service in time for their children to go back to school, we think we'll have to set up a whole division devoted to it.

"Parents send us in blazers and we line them with Kevlar - it's discreet and no-one would know you were wearing it."

The move follows concerns from both students and parents after a spate of knife-related attacks on teenagers across the UK.

Seven boys aged under 16 have died in such attacks within two months this year alone.

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