Monday, August 06, 2007

Ninguna lluvia, aguanieve, nieve...pero...

A side trip to the ATM, is another thing:

MURCIA [Spain]– Police on Monday announced the arrest of a postman who stole credit cards and secret PIN numbers from the mail, then used the cards to extract cash before finally delivering them to the rightful addressees.

A spokesperson for the Murcia police said the 44-year-old postman would be charged with theft and interfering with the post.

According to the spokesperson, the postman would feel letters from banks and if he detected a credit or debit card, he would carefully remove it from the envelope.

The postman would then watch out for a letter to the card holder which contained the personal identification number, or PIN. He would then use the card and the PIN to extract cash.

After taking around EUR 300 from an account, he would place the card and PIN notification letters back in their original envelopes and delivery them to the bank customers.

The postman stole a total of EUR 43,700.

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