Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Situación Normal

All Fouled UP at the aeropuerto:

BARCELONA – The director of Barcelona's El Prat airport said on Tuesday that operations there were "normal" for this time of year despite two days of chaos affecting check-ins and baggage handling.

....Echegaray admitted that there were problems on Sunday and Monday when thousands of passengers had to queue for hours to check in and the luggage transport system for arriving and departing flights failed to work properly.

Baggage went missing, flights were delayed and passengers were outraged.

....Flightcare, the company blamed for many of the problems, acknowledged on Tuesday that it was responsible and in ads in local newspapers asked for the public's forgiveness.

According to the company, unforeseen absences by some staff members caused the chaos.

AENA, the Spanish Airports Authority, announced it had filed an official complaint against Flightcare "for not fulfilling the quality requirements of its duties."

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