Thursday, August 09, 2007


Gardening grannie at work:

A pensioner has been banned from tending a village flowerbed - unless she puts up warning signs, wears fluorescent clothing and has someone standing by as a lookout.

For eight years green-fingered grandmother June Turnbull, 79, has tended the blooms at the entrance to the village and paid for it all using her pension.

And all without any accidents or mishaps.

....But June, who cycles half a mile to tend the flowers, blasted the rules.

She said: "This is health and safety gone mad.

"It is red tape bureaucracy.

"They can send me to jail if they like. I just want to be left alone to do it.

"It is a very pretty flowerbed and I have tried to make it look very natura.

"I have paid hundreds of pounds to plant the flowers myself and the compost every spring and autumn has been paid for out of my pension.

"I work there until the gardening is done. I love doing it.

"It is my bit to keep the village tidy. It is a lovely little village and I want to make it as pretty as I possibly can."

She added: "Now the county council says I have to have men at work signs - but I am just a 79-year-old pensioner.

"I will continue working on the flower bed."

Peter Newell chairman of Urchfont Parish Council accused the county council of going "a bit over the top".

...."It has been a labour of love for her. We all think it is a bit over the top."

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