Friday, August 25, 2006

Chocolates on the Pillow?

Scotland takes pains to be its prisoners:

STAFF IN Scottish jails should always refer to prisoners as “Mr” or “Mrs” or call them by their first names—and should knock on the door before entering their cells.

This was just one of the standards laid down yesterday by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons in Scotland Dr Andrew McLellan.

Dr McLellan said he expected that if a lavatory is in a cell it should be enclosed to provide privacy, and if prisoners have to call for the cell door to be opened to use a lavatory staff should respond within a stated time that is “reasonable.”

Each prisoner should get at least one hour in the open air each day, in space large enough for “meaningful” exercise.

If it was cold, raining or snowing, “appropriate” bad-weather clothing must be provided.

Every prison should have sufficient phones to enable every prisoner to have daily access.

The phones, he said, should not be in noisy places where prisoners cannot hear properly, and they should be able to talk on the phone without being overheard by other inmates.

Healthcare in prison should be of the same standard as in the outside world.

Prisoners should be treated with respect by staff.

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