Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just Go Eat Worms

'Cause you can't sell them in Connecticut:

CROMWELL, Conn. — For the past three summers, Joey Cadieux has headed outside with his flashlight on rainy nights to collect night crawlers from his yard.

Purchased by passing fishermen for $2.50 a dozen, the worms brought him $7 to $10 in a good month, just enough for bike trips to his favorite neighborhood pizza joint.

But when a Cromwell official recently objected to his stenciled black-and-white "nite crawlers" yard sign, Cadieux's business got the hook.

....Cadieux, 13, who starts high school in a few weeks, is uncomfortable with the controversy and just wants to start earning some pizza money again.

....The brouhaha started in July when Al Diaz, a town Planning and Zoning Commission member, said the sign did not conform with Cromwell's rules and should come down.

...."In a residential zone, if you want to put up a business and work out of your home you really need a special permit," Diaz told The Hartford Courant in a story published Friday.

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