Tuesday, August 15, 2006

'Enlever l'intermédiaire' doesn't exist in french

But it should, if the French Consulate in Moscow is any indication:

Three officials pocketed between 10 and 20 times the official 35-euro (44-dollar) cost of a French visa in exchange for speeding up delivery, which had slowed due to increased demand, an embassy source told AFP.

"The consulate has asked the three officials to leave because there are strong suspicions of corruption surrounding them," said another embassy source, adding that an enquiry was under way and that other officials might be found to be culpable.

Last year France issued more visas in Russia than any other European country, 272,000 in all -- a 10-percent increase from the previous year and double the number in 2000.

Obtaining a visa at the consulate currently takes from two to three weeks. The consulate is looking into ways of improving the service, including registering applications on the internet or engaging a subcontractor.

Guys, you just told the subcontractors to get out of town.

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