Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's time for the tomatoes

In August, in Spain:

BUNOL — Photographs of revelllers splattered in tomatoes adorned newspapers in Spain and abroad on Thursday after the town of Bunol's traditional 'Tomatina'.

The Tomatina (Get Juicy) is friendly fight in which the only weapons employed are more than 110 tons of overripe tomatoes.

As it has being going for the past 61 years in this small town near Valencia
Tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world arrived to take part.

In addition to local residents, visitors come from the Americas, Asia and the rest of Europe.

....According to the town councillor for Parties, Fairs, Culture and Sports, Pilar Garrigues, "the people are given various recommendations before starting the fight, one of which encourages them to use common sense so as to not cause harm to others."

"Here one comes dressed in white and should leave (dressed) in red if they had a good time; that's what the Tomatina is all about," Garrigues said.

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