Thursday, August 24, 2006

How about sports car sales?

Eric Clapton wannabees abound in Britain:

Guitar sales in Britain hit a record £110 million last year, according to figures released yesterday.

Almost a million of the instruments - 470,000 electric and bass guitars and 520,000 acoustic guitars - were bought; twice as many as in 1999 and an increase of 200,000 on 2004.

....Guitars are now the most popular instrument in schools, and there has also been an increase in middle-aged lapsed players joining bands for the first time since they were in their twenties.

The [Music Industries Assoc.] said the number of guitars sold had risen even more sharply than their value because cheaper imports from countries such as China had brought down the average cost.

....Paul McManus, the chief executive of the MIA, said: "....we have an ageing population, with over-50s accounting for more than a third of the population.

"This ageing population is refusing to go quietly into the night. They want to return to things they did when they were young.

"An enormous number of guitars are being bought by these older people.

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