Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Even his wooden shoes were plastic

Euro Rappers? The idea deserves to be taken for a ride:

AMSTERDAM — Dutch rap stars Lange Frans and Baas B. have fallen victim to a bogus manager who organised fictional concerts in their names to get the unwitting venues to part with money.

The suspected conman has fled abroad, real manager Willem van den Brandt told RTL Nieuws on Tuesday.

His bogus counterpart has been masquerading as the manager, while in actual fact he had only worked as a touring assistant for Lange Frans and Baas B. on a freelance basis for over two years.

"As things stand now I know of three instances where he presented himself as the manager," Van der Brandt said. Using this ploy, the man spent months negotiating with Snoepy's disco in Salou, Spain about a performance there.

"Lange Frans and Baas B. were supposed to come to Spain, and the disco lodged EUR 12,500 in the man's private bank account as an advance, Van den Brandt said.

The performance was scheduled for June but at the end of May the owner of the disco was informed the duo probably would not be coming because they had received a "more attractive offer".

"So he also made Lange Frans and Baas B. look like real jerks," their manager said.

Real rappers not needing the help, he means?

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