Monday, November 12, 2007

After awhile...

Globe trotting econo-blogger Megan McArdle will have to keep her eyes open:

Soldiers and villagers are hunting for hundreds of crocodiles washed away from a farm after floods in central Vietnam.

The reptiles were swept away on Saturday when a flash flood knocked down a fence at a crocodile farm in Khanh Hoa province, officials said.

....About 5,000 crocodiles lived on the farm. They are reared in Vietnam for their skin and meat.
....Local official Nguyen Ngoc Hoa told the BBC how people had rushed to the scene in the hope of catching the animals and earning a reward.

"One would be paid 100,000 dong ($6; £3) for one baby crocodile, and 20,000 dong for 1kg [2.2lb] of the grown-up creature," he said.

"People are actively involved in the hunt as the pay-back is far greater than one day of their work payment."

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