Monday, November 26, 2007

Heckuva Job, Brownie

Britain's PM wants to adjust the incentives facing the unemployed:
Unemployed people claiming benefits will be forced to undertake training to get them back to work under a package of sweeping welfare reforms unveiled by Gordon Brown.

....Under the proposals...those out of work and claiming benefits will be forced to undertake a"skills health check" after six months claiming Jobseekers Allowance to identify deficiencies in their basic numeracy, literacy or language needs.

Those who need further training but refuse to undertake it will face cuts in benefits.

....Mr Brown pledged the wide-ranging welfare reforms would boost the UK’s skills base.

The package of welfare reform is largely targeted at stemming the growing problem of so-called "Neets" - teenagers not in education, employment and training.

There are estimated to be 206,000 teenagers, plus several hundred thousand more in their early twenties, who fall into the category and research shows they face a lifetime on benefits.

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