Friday, January 04, 2008

Button Up Our Overcoat

And be a walking advertisement for me:
A cafe owner in the western city of Rennes has found a friendly way of enforcing France's new smoking ban: he is lending customers fleece jackets to wear while they stand outside to smoke.

"To say to a customer 'go and smoke your cigarette outside' is a bit harsh. Lending him a fleece to wear is friendlier," said Gilles Berard, owner of the Chat Qui Peche cafe in central Rennes.

Cafes, restaurants and nightclubs across France became smoke-free as ofJanuary 1 when a nationwide ban on smoking went into effect.

Berard has bought 30 sleeveless fleeces emblazoned with the name of his cafe, using the smoking ban to wage some savvy marketing.

Some clients have complained however, saying the jackets should have sleeves or hoods, said Berard.

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