Thursday, January 10, 2008


Aussies can vote for the word of the year:
Are you suffering from password fatigue? Ever considered manscaping? Do you know any tanorexics?

These phrases and more are contenders in an online vote organised by Australia's Macquarie Dictionary to select the Word of the Year 2007.

Seventeen categories contain a total of 85 words from which voters can choose.

Options include globesity - the problem of rising obesity around the globe - and floordrobe - the use of the floor as a substitute wardrobe.

....Salad dodger is included as a term for an overweight person, while a surfer under the age of 10 can now be called a microgrom.

....Chindia is used as a noun to refer to China and India as a collective unit, in terms of economic power and strategic importance.

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