Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No puede poner...

...el vino nuevo en viejas botellas. Not if the Spanish winemakers have anything to say about it:
The Environment Ministry has demanded that 50 percent of wine bottles are re-used, an idea that has angered the wine industry.

The Spanish wine federation argues that its products will be adversely affected by putting them into old bottles.

"In environmental terms this is a disproportionate measure that will do more harm than good," says the federation. It goes on to argue that the government is trying to persuade the sector "to sell wine to restaurants in reusable bottles that will be filled several times."

.... Indeed, this Spanish government plan to recycle wine bottles threatens the future of 3,500 small wineries, which will struggle to adapt to the new requirements.

Spain's powerful wine industry, which has already managed to halt the government's anti-alcohol legislation, considers that the use of non-reusable glass is necessary "given the qualities of this material, and for the conservation of the product, and its presentation to the consumer," adding that it is also "essential to the preparation of the wine."

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