Tuesday, January 08, 2008

That strips the conscience bare

It's Witchcraft:
The threat of witchcraft has scared looters into returning goods they stole during unrest which followed last month's disputed Kenyan elections.

TV stations broadcast pictures of people returning to places they robbed in the coastal city of Mombasa carrying beds, sofas and other items.

A police commander confirmed the reports and said the rumours of witchcraft had made his job "easy".

....word spread around Mombasa that a timber merchant had brought in a community elder to place a curse on the thieves.

"He gave us 10 days to return the timber. I will return them at night because people really laugh at us when we do so during the day," an unidentified man told the TV station.

Other victims of looters have also reportedly followed suit.

John Joash confessed to stealing a bed during the mayhem.

"I am fearful for my life because of the ghosts, that is why I decided to return the property," the AFP news agency quotes him as saying.

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