Tuesday, January 22, 2008

May not know much about art...

Nor about much of anything:
PORTLAND [OR]— Police have arrested a security guard and her boyfriend in connection with the theft of two large sculptures that were taken last month from the estate of Jean Vollum, the late philanthropist and art patron.

The pair allegedly cut up and sold the sculptures — worth an estimated $30,000 — for $70 to $100 cash from scrap metal recyclers.

Employees at recycling companies became suspicious and contacted police. Police arrested 36-year-old Kathryn Loundree and 33-year-old Rodney Remmick last week after discovering pieces of two sculptures in and around the trailer the couple shared.

Multnomah County Sheriff's officials said parts of the sculptures — an untitled welded metal piece made in 1970 by artist Tom Hardy and a 1967 cast bronze titled "Mother and Child" by the late Frederic Littman — were stolen Dec. 20.

Loundree had been hired to protect the property as an employee of Portland-based Harbor Security. Harbor Security officials said they were cooperating fully with the investigation.

Two other sculptures on the property — another by Hardy and a piece by the late Hilda Morris — were recovered the next day on the Vollum estate, moved from their original locations.

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