Friday, January 18, 2008

Here's looking at you, clone

The New York Giants got a little help from an imaginary friend:
Jessica Simpson? No, but close. Very close.

Lynsey Nordstrom is a 21-year-old nanny from Bothell [WA] who looks like the pop singer and paparazzi target. She's so similar, in fact, the New York Post flew Nordstrom to Dallas for last Sunday's NFC playoff game with the Giants to pose as Simpson as a prank.

....Simpson is dating [Tony] Romo, the Cowboys' quarterback. She attended a Dallas game earlier this season, wearing his No. 9 jersey. The Cowboys lost. Yoko Ono comparisons followed, and Simpson stayed away from the playoff game against the Giants.

But her look-alike was there. The Post put Nordstrom in a Romo jersey and sat her three rows up from the Cowboys' bench.

And Dallas lost again, putting the Giants in the NFC Championship Game — and earning Nordstrom some notoriety.

She flew to Dallas on Saturday, watched the game Sunday and returned Monday to work a shift as a nanny. She headed to New York that night on a red-eye flight. She has appeared on the cover of the Post, and created such a buzz she was told Donald Trump called the tabloid to ask about meeting her.

Nordstrom isn't related to the famous retail family. Having the same name doesn't even earn her a discount. But looking like Simpson does pay. She won't disclose her appearance fees, but it's enough that she's going to make a go at this look-alike business. The family she works for will have to find a new nanny.

....Nordstrom has agents in New York, Las Vegas and Hollywood. She was photographed for a wine ad that appeared around Mexico City. And she's part of a group of look-alikes that book themselves out as Ocean's 6. The group includes a Johnny Depp, an Angelina Jolie, a Paris Hilton and a Jennifer Aniston.

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