Wednesday, January 25, 2006

16 hour days for the teachers?

The FLUBA Committee on Being Careful for What You Wish With Your False Analogy has been expecting this:

Consider what might be the difference if Washington were to undertake a long-term effort to make its education system as good as the Seahawks. We try, of course. But year after year, the state as a whole is among the also-rans in providing for and getting results from our schools and colleges. In a legislative hearing Monday, Boeing's Bob Watt said the state "needs a 12th man for children." As the Seahawks turn their attention to winning one more for the team, we might think about how we could use the lift they've given us to inspire shared efforts for the community.

Ah yes, let's treat education as a competitive activity. Complete with firing those employees who don't get the job done, because the customers can avoid paying for those expensive seats if the value isn't up to the pricing.

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