Friday, January 27, 2006

Rain on Hawk Parade

NFC Champion Seattle has a few people yet to be convinced:

Drowned out by the incessant yammering about the Seahawks in the Super Bowl are those who opposed building Qwest Field with taxpayer subsidy, and others who are outraged by a region going gaga over a bunch of big boys in pads.

"I'm disgusted," said Marietta Alexander of Everett, who wrote a letter to The Seattle Times that was published Saturday before the NFC Championship. In it, she wrote: "I hope the team loses and loses big! I hope all the sports teams decide to move to Outer Mongolia and people get serious!"

The Seahawks' victory failed to convert her.

"I don't worship people; I worship the Lord," said Alexander, a substitute teacher. "It's gone beyond reason. People are outfitting themselves like freaks and spending thousands of dollars that they probably don't have to go to Detroit. All that money could have been given to the homeless and the poor.

"They aren't thinking about the fact that one day they are going to have to stand before God and account to Him what they did with their time and money."

She plans to nap during the Super Bowl — assuming her family, which will be watching the game, doesn't wake her.

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