Friday, January 27, 2006

Swift Boat Vet for Torpedoing Hillary?

Jim Rassmann, last seen foundering with the Kerry 2004 campaign, isn't finished whining:

PORTLAND — Sen. Hillary Clinton's fundraising trip to Portland today is under fire from some Democratic veterans, who say she is siphoning away money that could go to local candidates.

The group, which includes Jim Rassmann, the Florence, Ore., veteran who hit the campaign trail with John Kerry in 2004 to speak about how Kerry saved his life in Vietnam, have issued a letter denouncing the former first lady's support for the Iraq war.

"As Oregon veterans and members of military families," the letter says, "we are concerned with your fundraising trip to Oregon on two counts: your strong support for the immoral war in Iraq and your plan to take Oregon donations that are needed elsewhere."

Oregon Democratic Chairman Jim Edmunson acknowledged that the event will suck up money that could have gone to local candidates, and said the state party tried without success to arrange a joint fundraiser that would benefit both Clinton and Oregon Democratic candidates.

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