Thursday, January 19, 2006

Too Late for a Truce?

Several top Al Qaeda leaders killed by a Predator drone missile in the village of Bajaur, and now Pakistan newspapers report a dozen foreign' terrorists are captured 60 miles away in Swat:

PESHAWAR - Around one dozen alleged terrorists have been apprehended by the personnel of secret agencies from different parts of the Swat district on the mid-night between Wednesday and Thursday.

“The arrested persons included several foreign nationals,” told a high-ranking official source. He said the joint operation was carried out by various secret agencies engaged in war on terror with the help of Swat police, adding that operation is still going on.

According to sources the arrested persons having links with the alleged terrorist groups and their leaders. A number of foreign passports, important documents and computer CDs have been recovered from the possession of the arrested people.

....Though the authorities have confirmed links of the arrested persons with a number of alleged terrorist groups but they have yet to confirm their links with those alleged foreigners who were killed in the recent US strikes in Bajaur Agency.

The distance between Swat and Bajaur is around 90 kilometers.

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