Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Toro Toro Toro

So, you wanted to see a bull fight?

Mexico City - Seven people were injured when a huge bull named Little Bird jumped into the stands at Mexico City's largest bullring and charged terrified spectators, medical officials said.

Little Bird had just entered the ring on Sunday when it made a spectacular jump into the stands - right where the most expensive ticketholders sat.

Video footage of the incident shows the bull, which weighed 503kg, rampaging through the seats as spectators scramble in all directions.

No bullring official remembers hearing of a bull that jumped into the viewer stands.

Five of those injured are bruised, bullring medical director Rafael Velazquez told local media. Two others - a man with an injured hip and a woman with an injury in her lower stomach - have been taken to hospital, Velazquez said.

And four others have been treated for nervous crisis, Velazquez said.

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