Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Every dog will have her day... court. Especially when she's worth $ 12 million:

A pet dog left £6 million by the late billionaire Leona Helmsley may have to fight for her inheritance after a former housekeeper said she planned to sue the fluffy white heiress for biting her.

Trouble, an eight-year-old Maltese who was Mrs Helmsley's constant companion before her death last month, came out better than nearly all of the billionaire's family in her will.

....Zamfira Sfara, a former housekeeper at Mrs Helmsley's Manhattan home, has previously tried unsuccessfully to sue the hotel and property billionaire, a convicted tax evader and the so-called Queen of Mean, over a bite inflicted by Trouble.

....Her son, Remus Pop, said the family were talking to a law firm about restarting the case, this time against the trust holding Trouble's inheritance. "That dog got money," he said. "That money is going to be taken away from that dog."

Miss Sfara said Trouble bit her dozens of times during the three months she worked for Mrs Helmsley in 2004. Trouble also bit bodyguards, a nurse and a hotel guest, she said.

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