Friday, September 14, 2007

Miracle Whip

Now, for the jelly:

Millions of malnourished African children could beat starvation if a Malawian pilot scheme to hand out food supplements, which are similar to peanut butter, is spread across the continent.

Studies by American scientists have found that 89 per cent of severely malnourished children regained their health after they were fed the special compound, which is based on the popular breakfast spread.

The results echo reports of aid agencies working with malnourished children, who have long administered 'Plumpy Nut', a peanut-based, high-calorie paste given out during food crises.

...."The peanut-butter feeding has been a quantum leap in feeding malnourished children in Africa," said Dr Mark Manary, a paediatrics professor at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, who has led the studies in Malawi.

"The recovery rates are a remarkable improvement from standard therapy."

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