Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Down with Sarko

As the French learn there's no such thing as a Déjeuner libre, Nick is looking a little less favorable:

A total of 61 percent of those surveyed in September were either very happy with or generally satisfied with Sarkozy, down from 69 percent last month, the IFOP poll to appear in Sunday newspaper Journal du Dimanche showed.

Thirty-six percent were very or rather unhappy with his performance, up seven percentage points from August.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon also saw his popularity rating fall, with 56 percent of those surveyed either very happy with or generally satisfied, down from 63 percent in August.

....Sarkozy this week unveiled plans to overhaul pensions for some public employees and streamline the civil service, the boldest moves yet in his reform drive since taking office four months ago.

Eight unions representing French public sector employees said they would announce on October 1 whether they will launch strike action to protest against Sarkozy's reform agenda.

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