Monday, September 17, 2007

Lose the Girl

The French socialists make much ado about Segolene:

France's defeated presidential candidate Segolene Royal came under withering attack from fellow Socialist Lionel Jospin Monday, who described her as a "secondary figure in public life" unfit to head their party.

Jospin, who was the last Socialist prime minister, urged members not to choose her as their next leader at a congress next year, on the grounds that she "has neither the human qualities not the political capacities" to put the party back on track.

He made the comments in a book -- "The Impasse" -- extracts of which were printed in the left-wing Liberation newspaper.

Calling her "the candidate least capable of winning", Jospin described Royal's election campaign against Nicolas Sarkozy earlier this year as a "narcissistic face-to-face with public opinion".

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